Amigos Skateboards

Great for a wall or a wall ride, we collaborated with Sub Pop Records on a set of decks commemorating their 25th year of awesomeness. Hand-numbered and limited to 40 each, they’re available individually or as a set. All decks come with a free mp3 sampler and taste like grunge. Available through their online store.

Written by The Amigos — July 29, 2013



When they make an 8.6 or 8.8 with a 14.5 WB I am in.Btw, please tell me the WB of the fwlooling regular wood decks:Threat (by Zero) 8.5 Threat (by Zero) 8.375 Think (Tag) 8.5 Skate Warehouse SW logo deck 8.5

April 08 2015 at 09:04 AM


AN nomizete oti ktaane poios xerei ti party kanete lathos ..katarxas poios einai avtos o dj to xerei h mana tou;;;;;;;;;;;; Koitaxte na kaliterepsete thn poiothta twn pwtwn sas kai meta kante party .

April 09 2015 at 06:04 AM

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