Amigos Skateboards

Ken getting all feeble-y at the library rail. Photo by Sean Motaghedi.

Written by The Amigos — September 13, 2012



Great post with lots of imtrnpaot stuff.

April 08 2015 at 08:04 PM


小奧, Happy New Year too, 我都希望自己唔好咁懶, _ 整餅怪人, 哎唷, 大長今唔苦, 我唔制…..Male, thanks for your eoreucagemnntDaniel, Have a fruitful 2008Carla, 我都祝你妙筆生花, 客似雲來Thomas, 你咁多祝福,真令人感動, 也祝你新工順利, 單單勁料 是了, 你今次回巢幹甚麼工作呢?Alton, 有幸派餅的話, 一定預你一份 幾時出來見面?虎虎, 多謝你的支持,我會繼續寫的

April 11 2015 at 11:04 PM

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