Amigos Skateboards

Dan Ching spends an afternoon at Dahl Skatepark in Seattle.

Filmed and edited by Madflare

Written by The Amigos — March 19, 2014



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Sometimes Lars Hedegaard inhales a Carlsberg or two too many. For ealxme Today. Claiming that “Denmark is still a free society” is on par with his statement post his initial acquittal about one year ago: “This is a great victory for freedom of speech”. Which it wasn’t and still isn’t. The Supreme Court acquitted him on a technicality. In fact, there is no freedom of speech in any way, manner, form, or shape in the (rotten) State of Denmark. What the Supreme Court did say was : "he can think what he wants, and even say it out loud provided nobody listens. Which raises another question: how can he know if the PET (Danish Secret Police) listens in or not? – Well, he could find their bugs and accordingly shut up, or he could dismantle them – in which case he would be sent to jail for vandalizing state property. Catch 22 – Danish style.

April 11 2015 at 11:04 PM

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