Amigos Skateboards

Cruising with Chris

We went from south to north on Westlake with Chris to see what we could find. All in a day's work!
Filmed and edited by Madflare

Written by The Amigos — June 30, 2014

Wizard Staff Mini Cruiser

Just added this new mini cruiser to the store, bringing back the Wizard Staff graphic for this fun little cruiser. 7.5" x 30.35" with a 13.5" wheelbase.

35th North Photo Show

Many many thanks to everyone that participated in and came out for the photo show last night. It was really great seeing all the different facets of the Seattle/NW scene together in the same room seeing each others' work on the walls. You guys all rule. The show is up for 1 month, be sure to check it out! 35tn North 1100 E Pike Seattle, WA

Bottom photo by Zach Bishop.

Written by The Amigos — June 13, 2014

New Grown in WA T

Front and back print of the fan favorite "Grown in WA" graphic. Printed with discharge inks so the print is nice and soft on a black Jerzees T. How you like them apples?

Loading Dock Lurkers

Sometimes when it rains you make do with what you got.

Featuring: Ryan Stangland and Sasha Barr

Filmed and edited by Madflare