Amigos Skateboards

ACS 2014 Promo

Short promo of stuff we've been working on, originally shown before this year's All City Showdown premier.

Also, the ACS 2014 Highlight video from Thrasher.


Our new Visualize series boards and t-shirt are now available! We're slowly getting them in stores, available in our shop now!

Written by The Amigos — December 15, 2014


Better late than never? Use the code CYBERTHIS on and you'll get 20% off whatever we have left. Today only. There's still some #sweet shirts and hats and a board or two. We'll throw in some stickers, or maybe a patch, or maybe some pins, or maybe even our thanksgiving leftovers. Making room for all the new things! #cyberbullysexmonday

Written by The Amigos — December 01, 2014

Good Times @ 35th North

The show is up and features a killer line up of artists. The show will be up for a month, and there are *free* 8.5 x 11 prints of each art print available while supplies last! We're also stoked to have a collab cruiser board with the fine folks at The Quiet Life, now available at the shop. Only a handful left and only $45! Art by Christian Morin.