Amigos Skateboards

$10 Sale

Beanies and Tshirts are now $10 in the store. Prices good until we sell out!

ATS Remodel

We did some after hours playtime at the recently remodeled All Together Skatepark here in Seattle, here's moving pictures to prove it!

Featuring: Sean Harris, Ryan Stangland, Dustyn Tisdel and Ken Takayama.

2016 Decks

We're very pleased to offer our newest decks!

Each of the new decks features black and white inks on natural stained wood, with strategic knock outs showing the wood through the graphics. The boards are available in 4 classic sizes and shapes- 8," 8.25," 8.38," & 8.5." Now for purchase in our online store and working their way in to our stockists.

Double the Nile

Nile's been busy this year. Here's some pictures to prove it

Luxury Vehicle by Jon Colyer available from 35th Ave.


 Outer Limits by Ben Ericson available here.

D Team to PDX

The elderly patriarchs of the Amigos D-Team descended on Portland Oregon for a weekend of skating and tomfoolery. Even though it rained most of the time endless fun was had by all.

Dustyn Tisdel

Dustyn's been filmin a little over the last lil while, here's some pictures to prove it

Amigos at Roxhill

The Amigos spend some time at Roxhill Skatepark. Featuring: Dustyn Tisdel, Sean Harris, Chris Jameson, Ryan Stangland, Nile Gibbs and Sean Motaghedi
Filmed and edited by Joe Flaherty

Buds on Boards goods!

A new long sleeve tshirt and guest artist board from Nat Russell are now available! The board is a fully dipped white board with top and bottom black print. Head over to to get you some!

Written by The Amigos — February 13, 2015